K-5 STEMscopes

To study science, District 70 students in kindergarten through fifth grade are using STEMscopes, an online science curriculum from Accelerate Learning, as our primary instructional resource for teaching science in kindergarten through fifth grade.

A HMS students creates a giant transparent airb orn bubble in science class.

STEMscopes is built on an instructional philosophy that centers on students learning science through hands-on exploration and inquiry. Each lesson includes a series of investigations and activities to bring science to life for our students so that they can “learn by doing” and fully engage in the scientific process.

Lessons are built using the research-based “5E+IA” model, which stands for EngageExploreExplainElaborateEvaluateIntervention, and Acceleration. Each one of these components of the lesson cycle features specific resources to not only support our students’ understanding of scientific concepts, but also that of our teachers. STEMscopes features many resources for our educators including embedded professional development, lesson instructions, setup videos, and an assessment bank where custom assessments can be created.

The program is strictly aligned to Illinois Science Standards and includes resources that incorporate literacy, math, music and videos, interactive tools, and a variety of assessment methods. 

Female student wearing googles holds a frog during science class

6-8 Grades Savvas Elevate Science 

The District 70 science material enhances alignment with Illinois Learning Standards in Science (Next Generation Science Standards) through the Savvas - Elevate Science curriculum. 

Elevate meets with 100% of the NGSS Standards across the middle grades.  Students and teachers use both textbooks in module format for all students, and have digital licenses for teachers and students.  


Effective science teaching and learning will mean that students will be better prepared for entrance into college and careers. The Illinois Science Standards are designed to help students acquire a deep understanding of core science and engineering content and ideas as well as experience applying that knowledge in any context.  Students will demonstrate their scientific proficiency by engaging in practices that demonstrate the ability to apply scientific concepts.