Social-Emotional Learning

District 70 embraces Second Step for kindergarten through fifth grade. Second Step is a holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning.

Decades of research show the positive effects of universal, classroom-based SEL programs for children. There’s also broad recognition that benefits are even greater when children experience SEL throughout their day, across home, school, and out-of-school time environments, and throughout developmental stages. When implemented holistically, with a coordinated, community-wide approach, SEL can build stronger communities and support inclusive, equitable learning.

Hand holding up a ripped note that reads You Are Enough.

The standards for social and emotional learning describe the content and skills for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Each standard includes five benchmark levels that describe what students should know and be able to do in early elementary (grades K - 3), late elementary (grades 4 - 5), and middle/junior high (grades 6-8). These standards build on the Illinois Social/Emotional Development Standards of the Illinois Early Learning Standards.
Descriptors Grades 1-5
Descriptors Grades 6-12

What is Second Step?

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To find helpful resources from our social workers and psychologists, please visit our Counseling Corner found under Student Supports.